What should I expect?

Expect (I hope) to come with an open mind and see if yoga therapy is right for you.

Expect me to meet you with an equally open mind, a kind heart, a good ear, and lots of knowledge of yoga.

Expect me to be honest, open, kind, constructive, and educational in our time together.  I want to make a plan that works for you.

Expect some things from me to do at home.  The continuation of our work together at home is what can make the real difference in how yoga makes a change for you.

The cost of sessions with me are as follows:

Initial session:  $95
Regular session:  $75

Three session package:  $225 for one initial 90 min. session and two follow up 60 min. sessions

After you see me initially I also offer a 30 minute Relaxation Reset.

Relaxation Rest (deep relaxation only, 30 minutes):  $37