Rebecca as a Yoga Therapist

Thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Rebecca Sebastian and I’ve been practicing yoga for more then half of my life.  I started yoga at 19 years old because of deep hip pain due to a dysfunction of my hip at birth.  Turns out, for me, yoga was incredibly beneficial.  My hip pain subsided, and as an added benefit I also felt more calm, relaxed, and able to make good life decisions. 

Throughout my life, through the ups and downs, yoga has been my guiding practice.  It was there through the birth of my two children, through the rise and fall of relationships, through both the successes and the struggles that come with daily life.

 This is how yoga helped me, and perhaps how it could help you too. Now, yoga never “fixed” me.  It never “cured” me of any major illness, made me more attractive or allowed me to leap tall buildings.  But it did give me the opportunity to focus on my own journey and provided the basic guidelines to better navigate that journey.

I am an IAYT certified (C-IAYT) yoga therapist.  That means  Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, the yoga therapy school where I have trained from–finishing in 2011, meets the educational standards for professional yoga therapy curriculum. With both my training and my experience practicing yoga therapy I qualified to earn the credential.  This is yoga therapy’s first real step to creating a new profession and holding that profession to a high standard.

Want to know more about my teaching journey?  Look under the Rebecca Sebastian Yoga menu!!