–How does yoga therapy differ from a yoga class?

In a couple of ways.  First, and most importantly, in the skill level and educational level of the instructor.  To offer “yoga therapy” as a C-IAYT requires hundreds of extra hours of training above and beyond what an average yoga teacher has.  Even experienced yoga teachers lack much of the specific training required for a yoga therapy certification.

Secondly, yoga therapy is just for you.  A regular yoga class is structured in a way that supports group dynamics and group experience.  While that itself is a special experience, it isn’t tailor-made to address what each individual needs.

–Does Yoga Therapy have a Scope of Practice?

YES!  The “therapy” word sometimes confuses people, however.  We are not “therapists” in the common meaning of the word.  We are not PTs, OTs, psychologists, counselors, nutritionists or any other modality.  While some yoga therapists may hold licensure in these fields, I do not.  I deal with health, healing, and wellness only as it relates to yoga and can be informed from the full spectrum of  yoga’s offerings.

Here is a link to the International Association of Yoga Therapists’ official scope of practice.


–Do I need a referral?

No.  I do ask that all clients be released from their regular healthcare practitioners before engaging in yoga therapy.  Meaning, be it a PT, DO, MD, chiropractor, or therapist:  please ask first.


–Do you refer out to other practitioners?

Yes!  If a client comes with a challenge that isn’t under my jurisdiction, so to speak, and cannot be addressed with yoga I most certainly will.


–What is your privacy policy?

You are my client and all of our interactions will be private between us.  If you would like me to chat with another health care practitioner, I will, as long as the proper protocol is followed.


–Enough of the official stuff:  What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes that are not confining at the waist and you feel comfortable moving your body in.  We may have legs up the wall so pants or shorts are best with a comfortable shirt.


–I have very limited mobility, can I do yoga therapy?

Yes, most likely!  Almost any offering that is in the traditional yoga catalogue can be modified to fit your needs.  Contact me directly please with questions and concerns on this one.


–How do I pay?

I take cash, checks, and major credit cards.  When I email my input forms to you I can email you an invoice directly so you can pay online if you prefer.


–Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, 24 hours notice please.  I do not require prepayment at this time but if last minute cancellation becomes an issue (more then once) prepayment will be required with booking of future sessions.