Rebecca as a yoga teacher

Thank you for visiting my site!  My name is Rebecca Sebastian and I am a 13 year yoga teacher and a 20 year practitioner of yoga.  Turns out, even after well over a decade of teaching yoga classes, I am still incredibly passionate about my job and love sharing the practice of yoga with people.

I started teaching yoga classes in 2005 at the request of a friend.  That friend said something like ‘I want to offer yoga in my space and I need a teacher.  I know you do yoga, will you teach it?  It’s only six weeks.’  My response was an immediate and emphatic “no”.  Turns out after many go rounds this friend said the words I apparently needed to hear: ‘you know a good way to improve at something is to teach it.  It’s only for six times anyway’.  There in that moment, my teaching journey began.

Much to my total shock, I taught and the students seemed to like my class.  They asked me to keep teaching,  so I continued the class and simultaneously trained for my first 200 hours of yoga teacher training.  I graduated from the Davenport School of Yoga’s teacher training program in 2006.

Over these last 13 years I have studied further with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy (read about my yoga therapy journey on the other menu!) and have become one of the most experienced and well trained teachers in my area.

I like to hold an unusual combination of tradition and innovation in my teaching.  I am a huge believer in the benefit in the whole system of living that yoga had to offer, this is the traditionalist side of me.  The innovation lies in being able to adapt and modify yoga postures (asanas) to explore and connect with your body in new ways.  You won’t find me teaching fancy or complicated postures, you will find me excited to move my body and guide you in moving yours.  The true motivation for my teaching lies in my deep desire to take the hour you spend with me practicing yoga and have it improve the other 23 hours of your day.

Do you already teach yoga?  You may find many of my events right up your alley.  Check out my events and mentorship pages for the opportunity to train more deeply with me.

Let’s start our yoga journey together!!