This program is for 200hr or more yoga teachers who would like the guidance of a highly trained and seasoned professional in the art and skill of teaching yoga.  Rebecca will assist you in finding your own voice in your teaching.

Often times after a person has left their teaching training they feel a bit lost.  They feel like an authentic voice has not come through in their teaching.  Some plug through and others seek out the guidance of a mentor to help refine and define their style, technique; and not to be ignored, business skills.  Where do I teach?  Who do I teach?  Does it matter that I don’t know everything?  How can I keep my students safe?

This mentorship program is a chance to have individual/personalized attention and feedback.  It is also a chance to foster a deep and lasting connection with a teacher who will support and nourish your yoga teaching journey.

How can you begin a mentoring relationship with Rebecca?  There are a few ways…

Deep Diving


This is a full, individual, personalized mentoring opportunity.  This is a three month individual mentoring program.

  • We will have six individual sessions via skype, phone, or in person.  These will help you refine your personal goal setting for yoga teaching and work to figure out how you would like to express your true teaching voice.
  • You will also work on a ‘diving deeper’ research project to help expand your knowledge base.  This will help foster confidence and is also a jumping off point for marketing your specific knowledge.
  • With this package you also have unlimited access (if in the area) to any public yoga class I am teaching during our mentorship time together.  You may also have the opportunity to teach a few poses during two of these classes, including leading savasana.  This also includes discounted admission to any workshop I may be teaching at this time.

I also am willing, with this package only, to come to two classes you may already be teaching to give you specific feedback on your teaching style, verbal cues, sequencing, and physical adjustments.  This can be arranged via skype if at a distance, or for me to be at the class if you are local.

Your Investment:  $787


Dive in as a Group


This mentorship program allows for more individual attention to your specific needs as a yoga teacher while also harnessing the comradery and accountability of a small group setting.  Your colleagues will cheer you on and offer support to you as you will to them.

Over the time we will be together and our group will:

  • Meet four times for 2 1/2-3 hours to talk, brainstorm, refine our techniques and find our focus in our teaching.
  • Look for a good area of interest to further your yoga knowledge and take steps to leap
  • There will be focused guidance on you and your teaching from Rebecca as well as feedback from your group.
  • There will direct discussion on how to bring a business mindset to your teaching.  It is a struggle for many of us to figure out how to bring together yoga teaching and business.  This will give you some good tools to work on this aspect of your teaching.
  • Included in this package is also one five class pass valid for any of Rebecca’s public classes at any time.

This small group mentorship opportunity starts soon and is limited to only 6 participants per session.

Your investment:  $247


An Afternoon Swim


Perhaps you just need an experienced mind to bounce a new idea or two off of.  Maybe you need a fresh perspective on your marketing for yoga teaching or how to make a certain kind of class take shape.  Are you unsure of how to take the next step but you already kind of know where you want to go?  This may be the option for you.  A one-time 90 minute power session either via phone, Skype, or in person if you are nearby where we can work together to map out how to get where you want to go.

Your investment:  $97


Email Rebecca today at and let’s start our mentorship journey together!