On a yoga teacher’s website?  Really?


You Bet!!  I am passionate about all things yoga, and this includes the industry itself.  I feel strongly that our current industry isn’t working for the good, dedicated, knowledgeable teachers who are looking to share the full spectrum of what yoga has to offer.  I want to change that!

Our industry current has no official accountability for its teachers, creating an occasionally dangerous and often unfair power dynamic between teachers and students.  If you are new to yoga please know that it is never okay to be touched or adjusted without your permission and if you are ever uncomfortable with what a teacher is doing or saying you have the power to say “stop” or just get up and leave.  Please never excuse your instincts with the idea that ‘this is how it must be in yoga’.  It isn’t,  I promise.

Also, are you a teacher who realized that the behemoth yoga industry isn’t interested in representing or fighting for you?  Do you want to figure out things like how yoga teachers can get health care and a better living wage?  Me too!  Let’s connect!!  Nothing is going to change without people like us stepping up to move our industry in a more positive direction.

Things I am thinking about or working on right now:

-Are our organizations serving us?  If not, how can we change that?

-Are we as accountable to our students as we could be?  How do we change the “one-way street” of accountability that is currently in place?

-How does cultural appropriation play into our teaching and industry?

-Is the way we teach asana (postures) safe and responsible?  Are we sure?

-How do we change our industry to offer a true path to professionalism?

-How have other industries dealt with issues similar to ours?


Wants to talk about this stuff?  I would truly love to connect.

Email me at and let’s work on change together!

Also, this is new, but consider joining my Facebook group called Conscious Activism for Yoga.  The link is here.